Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Currently I've been working on the Entity Editor widget. The idea is to allow for world builders to edit every aspect of entities in the world.
The properties of an entity are very loosely defined. Apart from some standard attributes, such as position, id, name, orientation etc. WF puts no specific constraint on the attributes. So, for example, it's possible to create an attribute with the name "age" which is a map of two strings. Such an attribute would of course make no sense. So I'm trying to present some more user friendly representations to the user of the most common attributes.
An example can be see here, editing a settler. With the exception of "bbox" all attributes are shown using the low level representation widgets. So for example, the "guise" attribute is a map, which contains two other maps, named "material" and "mesh". The "material" map in turn contains three string values, identified by the names "dress", "head" and "pants".
The bbox on the other hand is presented with a "Size" widget. In essence, the "bbox" attribute is just a list of six float values, but using the regular List widget to present that would just be cumbersome. In addition, there's no point in removing or adding another value to the list, something that the List widget allows. Therefore, a Size widget is used instead.
So far I've created specific widgets for Size, Orientation, Position and 2DPosition. The latter one is used in areas where the area is defined by a list of 2d points.
By adding more specific widgets I'm hoping to make it much more simpler for world builders to update the world.

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