Monday, February 28, 2005

My Zaurus doesn't love me

About a year ago I bought a Zaurus SL-C700. Tt's a truly wonderful machine; without doubt the most powerful PDA you can get your hands on (well, actually, the Zaurus line is, the SL-C700 model is a bit dated, though I have yet to find a machine in Sweden which can match this two year old model when it comes to performance). And there are a _lot_ of apps to it. With something like the pdaXrom it's extremely powerful, since all X applications are available. So you do not only get access to PDA applications, you also get access to the whole Linux "product catalog". And with a 640x480 screens, it works very well.
My problem is that I suspect that there's some kind of hardware malfunction with my unit. It often crash without warning, often many times a day. And applications will often lock up or make the whole system slow, util it all just crashes. Very, very sneaky. And since I've bought it from Japan, I can't really just send it back. It's really annoying, because it prevents me from using the PDA.
Hmm, perhaps I should get one of these instead?