Sunday, September 29, 2013

Google Summer of Code 2013 report: Samuel Kogler

The Google Summer of Code 2013 is now complete. Samuel Kogler worked during the summer on improving the terrain rendering component in Ember.
We've previously used a component called the PagedLandscapeSceneManager2 for our terrain rendering. This component however is both unmaintained and has some design deficiencies which makes it ultimately unsuitable for what we want to achieve with the worlds in Worldforge. Samuel's task over the summer has been to bring the newer and more flexible Ogre Terrain Component into Ember.
Apart from the work he's been doing on Ember he's also submitted many changes to Ogre, both to core Ogre functionality and to the aforementioned Terrain Component.
We're very pleased with the work he's done, as well as having to work alongside with him. It's been an absolute joy to see his progress.
Below is his own presentation of the work he's done.
As he's based his work on the not yet released Ogre 1.9 branch we haven't yet merged his code into Ember master; as soon as Ogre 1.9 is released we'll commence that work. Until then his code can be seen over at his Github fork.

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