Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer's end

The Google Summer of Code is now over, and with that the three student projects we've been hosting this year are considered "finished". That that doesn't mean that they are totally complete yet, something which would be hard to say about Ember anytime, but it means that they are complete enough to be merged into the main trunk. This last week I've been busy integrating them into the trunk: so far I've completed both the improved entity creator and the new support for Mercator terrain mods. Next week I'll work on getting the sound system integrated.
The goal is to have a 0.5.4 release of Ember out as soon as possible, with all SoC projects completely integrated.

I've created two small movies showing off the entity creator and the terrain mods. This all thanks to the excellent glc video capturing tool.
The videos can be seen streaming through Google video or in high def format. The streaming versions are a little too low in resolution to really see what's going on, but they give a good overview of the new additions.

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