Thursday, March 20, 2008

Summertime is coding time

Worldforge has been accepted to the Google Summer of Code, which is really excellent in many different ways. Not only will we now get a student working on the code while being paid by Google, we will also get some nice publicity. I've already seen a sharp increase in visits to our sites after Google announces the projects that were approved two days ago. More information about this can be found in the wiki. We've also set up a new forum dedicated to the program.
For prospective students it's worth noting that the project ideas put forth in the wiki page are just suggestions. As such we really encourage the students to either expand on the suggested projects or to submit new projects. The forums are perfectly suited for such discussions.

Other developments lately have been that Sean Ryan has checked in his first code contribution. He's been working on adding logging of in game chat messages to text files in the user's ember home directory, something which might be handy for seeing what's transpired in the world. His code was solid and functional which always is good to see. Getting into the code can be quite daunting since there's so many different sub components used, but he's managed to navigate it all, with a little help.

We've also now completed the conversion from cvs to git. While the cvs repo will remain for some time, all new development now happens through git. Kai has done all the heavy lifting with setting up the server and all. A very nice web interface of it all can be found here.
In order to get the latest development version you should first do
git clone git:// ember
which will checkout the latest code to a new "ember" directory. To keep in sync with the latest changes you would then do
git fetch
More information here.


Sean said...

Correction: git git:// ember

Should Be:
git clone git:// ember

Erik Hjortsberg said...

Thanks, fixed now.