Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Heads up

After returning from my vacation I yesterday added some status widgets to Ember. That's one of those things that's been bugging me for a while. It's not hard to do; I just never had time. Before I started I looked through most other major mmorpgs that people are playing. People generally like when they can reuse their existing knowledge between different applications. The way the interface works in almost all mmorpgs on the market today is very much standardized: you have your status widget, your map, your inventory and your message window.
So I looked through WoW, LOTR and Vanguard and used that as a base for how the default status widget looks in Ember. I reused some simple graphical elements that jayr had created earlier and think it looks ok. The left element always shows the status of the avatar, while the right element shows the status of the entity that the avatar uses something on.
I'm using the Launchpad more and more. I've put up bugs and blueprints there. My hope with the blueprints it that it will make the development process more transparent and in the end allow for other developers to chip in. Ember is still a one man project and I could sure need some help with it.

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