Sunday, July 01, 2007


I finally got a beta1 of Ember 0.5.0 out. An announcement can be found here. No Windows version this time since I haven't even began looking at the windows build. And also because I got some offers on helping out with the Windows build.
It's always hard to do a release, mainly because I have to halt adding new features for a while and focus on fixing bugs and handle package peculiarities. Basically all development is put on hold until the release is out. Now, this has gotten better as I now have more helper functions in place, but it's still a break from the normal progress.
This last week I've focused on finding and fixing all of the lingering memory corruption issues. I've managed to hunt most of them down I think.
I also reworked how binreloc was integrated. This only applies to Linux builds, and basically means that Ember can either be built as a normal UNIX app with hard coded paths, or as a "relocatable" app where all paths are relative. The main issue is that the "ember" script was meant to be run if you wanted the relative paths functionality, while the "ember.bin" executable was meant to be run if you wanted the standard behavior (for example if you compile from source yourself). This is of course unnecessarily confusing, so it's now changed so that the "ember" command will always work.

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roger said...

Sorry, Im still working to create the build environment. But already managed to compile my own project with Code::Blocks and Ogre, so I will be able to handle Ember in a few days.