Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Regression testing, the new black

It's taken me at least three days to convert Ember to Eris 1.3. In the meantime Ogre 0.15.0 was released. And glory! Ember compiles without modification against the newest Ogre. I'll try to stick to the point release as far as I can. It itches to change to PagingTerrainManager though...
Back to the Eris woes though. For some reason it's impossible to change to orientation of a Ogre node which is a child of another Ogre node. The solution is to let all nodes be children of the root node. But this is just an interim solution. Took me some days to find out though. I still can't understand how the change in eris affects ogre in such a way. Is has probably something to do with some code path not being follow in the previous Eris. I don't know.
And that's why we all love regression testing, and hate the lack of it.

Anyways, here's a screen of Ember in it's current (pre Eris 1.2, pre Ogre 0.15.0) state.

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